Consulting Services

We have extensive experience in providing services to public and private sector organisations across the country and we provide expert recruitment and consulting services to specialist organisations across a range of disciplines including:

  • Infrastructure planning and development.
  • Greenhouse and energy management.
  • Water and wastewater management.
  • Environmental management.
  • Public health.
  • Asset inspections using UAVs and ROVs.
  • Expert reviews in above areas on reports and projects.

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Atech Group is a corporate member of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) of Australia.

Second Sydney Airport, summary of public comments on the draft guidelines.
Report and database for the Environment Australia.

We assisted the client to process and summarise submissions on the Second Sydney Airport EIS guidelines, covering 400 detailed submissions and over 51,000 pro forma submissions.

Angle Crossing - Draft Project Plan for the Angle Crossing Option.
Water Security Program. Report for ACTEW.

Our detailed report summarised a range of infrastructure planning and development options for a proposed major pipeline and pump station in the ACT and NSW.

Evaluation of Lake Burley Griffin Destratification System.
Report for National Capital Authority.

Our detailed report evaluated and summarised the effectiveness of an infrastructure addition to the management of an urban lake in Canberra.

Enlarged Cotter Dam – Specialist Aquatic Species Report.
Report for ACTEW.

We assisted the client organisation in its application for endangered species approval to the appropriate Commonwealth Government agency.

A benchmark of current cleaner production practices.
Report for Environment Australia.

We produced an evaluation report to inform and promote the adoption of cleaner production practices across a number of industry sectors in Australia and overseas.

Greenhouse Challenge: a workbook for waste management-the capture and use of methane from waste.
Report for the Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, and Greenhouse Challenge.

We produced this report to promote methane as a potential energy source, as its use in energy generation would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The report included detailed case studies of methane capture and use, in terms of economic, environmental and social implications.

Several reports on energy management and/or electricity metering in buildings.
For various clients.

These reports provided a detailed assessment of electricity use and metering within a number of commercial buildings in Sydney and Canberra.

Connection agreement for the Googong Water Treatment Plant.
Report for Icon Water.

We assisted the client in producing a Connection Agreement for a critical and major electricity using site operated by Icon Water, for supplying water to Canberra.

Baseline water quality study of Botany Bay.
Report for the Federal Airports Corporation.

Atech Group provided a detailed monitoring program to deliver baseline water quality information on Botany Bay, prior to the construction of the third runway at Sydney Airport. We analysed 30 variables at 20 sites throughout the bay, at several depths through the profile. We also provided a comparison of field monitoring equipment to measure turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, pH and salinity.

Water quality monitoring in Australia.
Report and database for the Commonwealth Environment Protection Agency..

This detailed report and database summarised wide ranging water quality and management information for the whole of Australia, on programs undertaken by:

  • Commonwealth Government.
  • State and Territory governments.
  • Local governments.
  • Universities and other research organisation.
  • Private companies.
  • Community organisations.

We provided extensive consultation with 220 organisations around the country to collect the relevant information that was compiled into a purpose built survey (pro-forma), then summarised into a database called Water Quality Monitoring in Australia (WQMA).

Impact of LMWQCC effluent on the aquatic environment. Chapter 6 of the Strategic Review of Sewerage Services.
Report by ActewAGL for ACTEW.

We contributed to this report that evaluated the impact of effluent from the LMWQCC upon the aquatic environment of the Murrumbidgee River, utilising several decades’ of water quality and environmental monitoring information, on several sites upstream and downstream of the LMWQCC facility.

Biodiversity monitoring in Australia.
Report for the Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories.

Atech Group designed and developed a comprehensive survey to determine the extent and nature of biodiversity monitoring in Australia. The information collected was analysed and summarised.

The project required extensive consultation with Commonwealth, State and Territory organisations.

The report also included material on the information management systems and databases used by biodiversity monitoring agencies in Australia.

Monitoring of the environmental effects of agricultural and veterinary chemicals.
Report and database for the Commonwealth Environment Protection Agency.

This study provided an assessment of current monitoring for the environmental impact of agricultural and veterinary chemicals in Australia, conducted by federal, state, territory and local governments, as well as industry and community groups. .

We consulted and cooperated with governments, producers, users and the community to determine future costs, infrastructure needs and funding options for monitoring work.

Kakadu National Park Visitor Survey for 2000 – 2001.
Report and database for Environment Australia.

This project surveyed over 3,000 visitors to Kakadu National Park, at more than ten locations within the park, over a one year period.

We summarised the results of the survey and the management implications of visitor feedback.

Contextual information for the National Pollutant Inventory.
Report for Environment Australia.

Atech Group summarised contextual information on 90 substances now listed on the National Pollutant Inventory. We provided expert knowledge of environmental chemistry and conducted extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders including:

  • Commonwealth, State/Territory and Local Governments.
  • Universities and research organisations.
  • Industry associations.
  • Environmental groups.

Water management and health implications of Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
Report for Sydney Water Board.

This detailed report summarised the water treatment and catchment management implications of these two micro-organisms.

Evaluation of Lake Burley Griffin Destratification System.
Report for National Capital Authority.

Our detailed report evaluated and summarised the effectiveness of an infrastructure addition to the management of an urban lake in Canberra.

Cooling tower maintenance and Legionella control.
Training course by Canberra Institute of Technology, Clive Broadbent, the Atech Group, and ACT Health, to classes of about 20 attendees from various clients, over a 10 year period.

Atech Group contributed to this highly technical training course that teaches the principles and procedures for cost-effective cooling tower maintenance, as based on Australian Standard 3666.

Health and Safety Risks in Buildings.
Report for Australian Building Codes Board.

We provided this report that summarised available information on health and safety risks in buildings, and assessed these risks in terms of their priority, and public health importance.

Underwater video inspection of water intake towers at Bendora and Corin Dams, ACT.
Inspection for ACTEW.

This inspection used an ROV (remotely operated vehicle), to provide an underwater asset inspection (using video camera) of the intake towers at Bendora and Corin dams in the ACT.

Googong Dam Intake Tower Screen and Riser Inspection by ROV.
Inspection and report for Icon Water (with Xtek Limited as sub-consultant).

This inspection and report used an ROV (remotely operated vehicle), to provide an asset inspection (using a video camera) of the intake tower screens at Googong Dam, operated by Icon Water.

Googong Dam Destratification System Inspection by ROV.
Inspection for Icon Water (with Xtek Limited as sub-consultant).

This inspection used an ROV (remotely operated vehicle), to provide an asset inspection (using a video camera) of the destratification system in Googong Dam, operated by Icon Water.

Review of water quality data Murrumbidgee and Molonglo Rivers and Burrinjuck Reservoir.
Report for ACTEW.

Atech Group produced this report to provide an interpretation of water quantity and water quality in the Murrumbidgee and Molonglo Rivers and in Burrinjuck Reservoir, particularly in terms of nutrient loads from the LMWQCC.

Auditing and reporting requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
Report for Sydney Water.

We provided input and advice that contributed to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, (using a total quality management process.)

Review of Risk Management Plan.
Report for the ACTEW Corporation.

Atech Group provided expertise to assist with the management and compilation of this report, which summarised and interpreted water management information, covering several hundred sites and monitoring periods of up to 25 years.

Review of Emergency Management Procedures.
Report for Icon Water.

We produced this report that reviewed emergency management procedures at a public utility.